Customized ebike kits- Dmotor1

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Product Overview


Dmotor electric bike kits

electric bike motor


Rim: 16inch/ 20inch/ 26inch/ 28inch

         Double-wall alloy rims 

Spoke: 32/36 Spokes

Motor: Front or Rear motor

            24V/ 36V/ 48V motor

            250W/ 350W/ 500W/ 750W motor


  Intelligent controller

24V/ 36V/ 48V Voltage

6/ 9/ 12/ 18 mosfets

16A/ 24A/ 40A max current

electric bike controller
lithium battery

Lithium battery

24V/ 36V/ 48V 

8.8Ah, 10.4Ah, 11.6Ah, 12Ah or bigger

High performance, good warterproof

110~ 240V Charger, AU/EU/US Plug

 Electric thumb throttle

With three lights shows battery capacity

electric bike throttle
electric bike brake lever

Electric Brake lever

Left/ right power off brake (Optional)

 Divided Pedal Assist Sensor  PAS-D12

easy install, don't need to knock down the crank

  PAS-D12 power-assistant sensor is with the characteristics
of 12 signal outputs, fast power response, good accuracy,
strong water resistance, high reliability, etc. Sensor is divided into
two models of left installation and right installation, which
can be installed in different locations to adapt to a variety of Ebikes.

electric bike PAS


25 /35/ 50/ 55 km/h  (15.5/ 21.7/ 30/ 34.2 mph)


Kits for reference.